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My Interview With Celebrity Hairstylist and Wig Master Terrence Davidson!

Terrence Davidson

The larger than life rap, pop and hip hop award winning artist Nicki Minaj is someone we look to for fashion, beauty and especially breakthrough hairstyles and she never lets us down! I remember watching her documentary, My Time Now, on MTV and seeing her glam squad get her ready as she prepared to go on stage. And there he was, Terrence Davidson, adding the finishing touches to her already perfect tress! I did my research and found that he is the mastermind behind all of her highly creative, colorful, futuristic and out-of-the-box wigs. He has also done hair for Pattie LaBelle, Keyshia Cole, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Trina and many more!  He is definitely a trend setter and an iconic genius of hair.  The incomparable Wig Master, Terrence Davidson! 

Me: When did you know that being a hairstylist was the career path you wanted to follow?  

Terrence: I had no idea that I would be a hairstylist.  I started off just drawing hair designs for the girls at my school; I just loved to draw. 

 Me:  The hair pieces that you create are truly incredible, that obviously takes natural, raw talent and creative genius! What inspires the wig colors and styles that you create?  How long does it take to create your wigs?  

Terrence: My inspiration can come from anything.  I can see a picture or hear a sound and I interpret it through my wigs.  It's like an artist and his/her paintings. I really don't know; once I've started I don't come out of my wig room until I'm done.  Sometimes that can be 3 or 4 wigs later because I get in "the zone." 

Hair by Terrence
 Me:  How did you end up being Nicki Minaj's hairstylist? How has her colorful personality helped you perfect your craft as the Wig Master?

Terrence:  Nicki and I got connected through a referral. She is so beautiful and an outgoing person. I have been creating whimsical creations for over 20 years. Nicki was the perfect platform to showcase my work because she is an outside of the box thinker. I am blessed!
VMAs 2012, Hair by Terrence

Me: I have countless favorites of hairstyles that you have done for Nicki Minaj.  What is one of your favorite wigs you've designed for her? 

Terrence:  I don't a favorite hairstyle because each one brings back a great memory; but I do have an iconic look that inspired my new tool line with ONE Styling Tool which is the Cheetah print high top fade Nicki wore at the Grammy's.

Grammys 2011. Hair by Terrence

Me:  You work with a lot of celebrities who always have amazing hair for appearances and red carpet events. What are some secrets to getting those red carpet looks for the everyday woman? 

Terrence: Try a wig!! That is the best advice I can give because it allows you to find your perfect look.  It gives you room to experiment with different styles without commitment.
Super Bass Video. Hair by Terrence

Me:  When you aren't creating these amazing hair masterpieces, what do you like to do?

Terrence:  I am a homebody. I have seen so many parts of the world so when I do get a little me time I like to chill at home with my family and close friends.

Me: What is a fun fact that you can share about yourself? 

Terrence:  The Grammy look that Nicki Minaj wore was inspired by a hair style that I wore in high school.  Yes my hair was about that high lol!

'Fly' Video w/Rihanna. Hair by Terrence
Me:  If you could give every woman one valuable piece of information when it comes to hair, what would it be? 

Terrence:  Shampoo and conditioner will do the trick!! Keep it simple.

Me:  What makes you intensely happy about the world of beauty and hairstyling? 

Terrence: I'm happy that the world is recognizing artists in the Glam industry for the work that we bring to the table.  It lets me know that I'm appreciated for my creativity.

Me:  What is a piece of  advice you can give to aspiring celebrity hairstylists? 

Terrence:  Follow your dreams and remember when one door closes another door will open! Keep Pushing!

I am so inspired by Terrence!! He is a perfect example of how just doing what you love can allow you to reach your dreams more than you ever expected. Also that thinking outside of the box is always a good thing.  People who know true talent will appreciate your skill and creativity no matter what.  He has crazy skills when it comes to hair and he wants us to be able to whip our hair into shape as well. He created a hairstyling set that will equip us with the necessary tools to create fabulous hairstlyes which is the Terrence Davidson LE Combo hairstyling set with ONE Styling Tool! Click here to purchase this amazing set!!

Comes with Legacy 1" Flat Iron, Legacy Pro Hair Dryer, Concentrator, Diffuser, Comb Attachment, and as a bonus a Free Prestige 4/10"Flat Iron1
Be sure to follow Terrence on Twitter  @HairbyTerrence
Subscribe to his Facebook page at Terrence Davidson

I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to interview one of the industry's greatest hairstylist! I know he has nothing but amazing creative ideas that I know we will continue seeing on our favorite and most popular celebs! Terrence, I truly thank you for sharing this information with me so that I can share it with all of my friends! I hope he has inspired you as he has inspired me!! Sending love, support and many thanks to the Wig Master himself, Celebrity Hairstylist Terrence Davidson!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler, where do I begin! So many amazing things I can say about this beautiful, warm hearted and genuine person.  I have been following Tia and her work for a long time, admiring her undeniable talent to beat a face to the gods and to simply enhance one's natural beauty.  Last year she held her first Beauty Elixir Workshop in Chicago which was hugely successful, this year she was one of the keynote speakers at The Makeup Show in Chicago which is one of the biggest makeup tradeshows and beauty education events ever, she's done countless commercials, magazine shoots, she offers beauty advice in magazines such as Essence, Juicy Magazine, Centric and if I even began to start listing her celebrity clients that she's done makeup for, you might as well get real relaxed because  her resume is extensive, she has worked with the best of the best in the entertainment industry, including none other than the  President of the United States, Barack Obama! Tia is such an amazing talent but most of all she is genuine, humble and always willing to share her priceless advice with others.  I now introduce you to the incomparable, Tia Dantzler!!  

Tia with Jennifer Hudson

Me:  Everyone who is anyone knows you're one of the best celebrity makeup artist out there. Can you tell us what was a defining moment in your career that took you over in to the category of celebrity makeup artist?

Tia: I've had so many defining moments throughout my career as an artist so I'll share a few but definitely to be continued.  When I saw my work grace the cover of a national magazine which was Sports Illustrated.  Accompanying Jennifer Hudson backstage at the Academy Awards and seeing my work on scene during her acceptance speech.  And working with President Barack Obama was definitely moments I will not soon forget.

President Obama, Grooming done by Tia
Grooming done by Tia

Me: You offer the best tips ever, as seen in magazines such as Essence and Upscale. Many celebrity makeup artists don't usually give out their tips, not for free at least. But why is it important for you to share your Tia Tips with the world? What has been  the response you've been getting in regards to the tips you offer?

Tia: I believe it's so important to reach back and help others because when I first started out I didn't have a network of people to ask so my experience has been trial and error. I'm a giver by nature and it gives me great joy to share and encourage others along the way. The response to Tiatips has been overwhelmingly great. It's brings a smile to my face when I'm asked for more Tiatips.

Tia shares her Fall beauty tips in Juicy Magazine's September 2012 Issue

Me:  Working with so many celebrities, high profile photographers, hairstylists, etc, how important is good 'on set' etiquette? Being friendly, down to earth with your celeb clients yet  maintaining your professionalism? Also how important is what you wear to photoshoots, celeb events, etc.

Tia:  Having the proper set etiquette is very important not only for your client(s) but for also receiving a call back. You have to know your place and position on set. I'm in the finishing stages of releasing my book early 2013 and I cover set etiquette because it's vital to us as artist. Should we keep it personal or professional or both is one of my favorite subjects that I wrote about in my book. I'm writing my book from my eyes and experience so I spill the beans. I would prefer professional over personal for so many reasons. On set attire should always look well put together whether you wear all black or not. This industry is very trendy so I always try to infuse my style for a fun, comfortable look.

Nene Leakes, Makeup by Tia
Me:  You did makeup for President Obama for GQ magazine. Can you tell us how that experience was for you? In addition, what are some necessary tools/products you need when doing mens makeup/grooming?

Tia: Meeting President Obama was definitely a nerve-wrecking moment however, his personality is so great that it put me at ease to re-focus and do my job. For male grooming you want to make sure to have some eye drops on hand as well as a great mattifier to combat oiliness. Also a must is a no-shine lip balm, a non-oily moisturizer, clear brow set, hand lotion, concealer & setting powder. I can't forget a setting spray to set the makeup & to keep it natural looking.
Celebrity Clients Maxwell, Jim Belushi and Mel Jackson Men's grooming/makeup done by Tia.

Tia on set with C.O.L.O.U.R.S. Male grooming by Tia

Me:  You have done so much in your career as a celebrity makeup artist and I know that you are far from over.  But as you look back on your career and all that you have done so far, what moments are the most memorable and life changing?

Tia: Seeing my career take a shift from makeup artist to beauty expert to brand ambassador has truly been rewarding.

Tia is a Brand Ambassador for the Johnson's Brand! Click here to read about her visit to their headquarters in NJ!

Me:  So you are working on a DVD! Yay! (I cannot wait!) What made you decide to work on a DVD? When will it be available to purchase? What can we expect to see or learn from your DVD? Besides your DVD, are you working on any other super cool projects that you can share with us? A new makeup line possibly? :)

Tia: God laid it on my heart to do a DVD over six years ago and I ran from the idea for as long as I could. I'm so happy that I was obedient because I can't wait to release it. The Title of my DVD is, "Tia Dantzler's Red Carpet Beauty Secrets." It's a step by step guide to a flawless look. I'm teaching techniques and sharing tips as I complete a full face. I also have a cool booklet full of red carpet tips inside the dvd as a bonus. My DVD will be ready for purchase the first of October and I will be sharing how to purchase the dvd on my twitter, facebook fan page as well as my blog in the coming weeks. I'm super excited over my book because again I get to share from the heart hopefully inspire people all over the world. Makeup line.....hmmmm stay tuned.

Mr. and Mrs Harvey. Makeup/grooming by Tia
Me:  When it comes to doing makeup, what inspires you? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Tia: I pull inspiration from so many sources such as a dress, hairstyle to the current trends. I love looking through magazines to pull inspiration as well as the mood of the event.

Malaysia Pargo from BBW LA. Makeup by Tia

Me:  If you dumped out all your products in your handbag, what cosmetic products would we find? What products can you not live without?

Tia: You would find a couple of tubes of lip balm, a bold lipstick, and blot powder. I like to keep my look fresh & simple with a bold lippy.

Tia's Lippy's, via her Instagram page tiadantzler

Me: Most makeup artists I know aspire to reach 'Celebrity Makeup Artist' one day. Can you share some tips/ words of encouragement to help us reach that status?

Tia: I started off treating regular clients like they were celebrities so when I started working with celebrities there was no difference because I aim to give every client the best experience.

Tia posing with Oprah!
Be sure to keep up with Tia and all of her greatness!
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Tia is one of my most favorite people in the world!  She is someone that I look up to as a makeup artist and because she is such a wonderful person who has a load of helpful advice for those wanting to achieve the things she has done.  I hope you are just as inspired as I am from her advice, tips and her experience of being extremely successful as a makeup artist. Sending so much love and thanks to my mentor and friend, Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler!!

Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist Day Hill!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!  I had the honor of interviewing Day and she is just as awesome as I thought she would be!  She has been in the industry creating flawless faces to some of our favorite celebrities! I first became aware of Day when I found out that she was the one responsible for being one of Nicki Minaj's makeup artist.  I have always loved Nicki's makeup and I remember asking friends on Twitter who her makeup artist is.  And once I found out, I had to meet Day and get her advice and insight.  She is obviously a genius with makeup application, a trend setter in the makeup industry and super down to earth.. Everyone meet Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Day Hill
Me:  How did you get in to makeup? Did you work at a counter? 

Day:  I started out acting and learned to do my own makeup looking at magazines. Because I went to performing arts high school,  most of my friends started asking me to do their faces for headshots or performances. After high school I began working at a counter to get money while I was pursuing my acting. Quickly I realized I loved making people feel beautiful over being in front of the camera.  

Me:  How did you start doing Nicki Minaj's makeup? What inspires the looks you do for her? What products did you use on her because her skin always looks flawless? 

Day: I was introduced to Nicki Minaj by Shanell of Young Money. Shanell and I attended performing arts school together. Shout out to Tri-Cities School of the Visual and Performing Arts!  Her look was derived directly from Nicki's personality. Every client I have I aim to make them their own individual. Nicki is fun and colorful and I happen to live for color.   Nicki and I played with several products but she had a natural love for MAC and I happen to have been a MAC artist for a few years so we favored MAC. As far as creating the flawless look I believe it had to do more with the technique and application than the specific products.  But for the Pink Friday cover we used MAC Studio Tech,  MAC Sheer Pressed Powder, Pink Swoon and Desert Rose Blushes, and MAC Backtrack Gel Eyeliner. Those products were definitely staples to her signature look. 

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Album Cover, Makeup Done by Day Hill

Me: You are definitely changing the game when it comes to makeup. On YouTube, so many people try to recreate the looks that you have done on Nicki. How do you feel about having such a powerful impact on makeup application?

Day:  I'm amazed at the impact of what Nicki and I created! I knew when we started that she would help me take make to another place but I didn't know the complete impact it would make. I saw that the industry wasn't using much color in their glamour and I wanted to change that.I wanted to bring the fun that Nicki gave to music to her face while maintaining a sense of glamour. 

Me: What are some makeup products that you can't live without? If you dumped out your purse what makeup products would we see? 

Day:  I love HD Powder by Make Up For Ever , MAC Air rush , DiorShow Mascara By Dior,  Ruby Woo by MAC, Dirty Plum blush by MAC,  Tea tree Oil,  MAC Mineralized Skinfinsh,  MAC Fix + and ALL of my brushes!!!

Chili from TLC, Makeup by Day Hill
Me:  What's the best part about being a celebrity makeup artist? How has it changed your life?

Day:  The best part is having the opportunity to influence trend. It's amazing to be apart of an industry that you've looked up to your whole life and not to only be apart but to help influence. Hey what can I say.  God is GREAT!

Photoshoot with Marlo Hampton from Real Housewives of ATL
Me: Do you have any special things coming up as far as your career goes? Possible makeup line? Do you offer classes? 

Day:  Right now along with working on clients, I'm focusing on giving back. I'm working with young girls around Atlanta and teaching them grooming, makeup, and business. It's all about giving back now! As far as makeup lines, there are talks of it, stay tuned! Classes yes! I offer one on one, group classes, and advanced makeup classes. 

Day Hill instructing at one of her workshops. 
Me: What advice would you give to makeup artists trying to get their foot in the door?

Day:  To up and coming makeup artists learn the business. It's just as important as the art. Also make sure that you maintain integrity, continue to learn, and make moves that strengthen the community that you work in (makeup) and not just for one self. Last but not  least, love what you do and your clients and God will surely let you reap the rewards. 

Please be sure to check out her website,  to view her portfolio and other great information!
Follow her on Twitter @wannadayface.
Follow her on Instagram at dayhillmua

I just want to send a very special thank you to the amazing Day Hill!  She is such a cool person who shared so much with me and it means so much!  She offered some great advice that will help me grow as a Makeup Artist and it will help others as well.  She is so talented and I know she has nothing but amazing things to come in her future!!  Sending so much love and thanks to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Day Hill!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Interview With Celebrity Hairstylist Angela C Styles from WeTV's LA Hair!!

We all know Angela from the hit TV show L.A. Hair on weTV!  She is the amazingly talented celebrity hair stylist who is determined to go all the way to the top!! I knew that with her working side by side with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kim Kimble, she was definitely a girl with undeniable skills!  Angela was so kind to talk to me and give me her input on hair, how she got started in the industry and what's next in her career as a celebrity hair stylist! Meet Angela C Styles!!!

Me: How long have you been doing hair? When did you know you wanted to be a hairstylist?

Angela: Ive been a licensed stylist for 6 years. I've always had an affinity for hair and after my first year of college I decided to make it a career. Growing up braiding  was always my side hustle and I loved "playing" in my relatives hair.

Me: How did you meet Kim Kimble and end up working in her shop? Are you still at her shop?

Angela: I met Kim Kimble through a normal interview process. After researching several salons before my transition I set my sights on her studio in West Hollywood. After making initial contact with the salon manager and going through several interviews, I met Kim. She hired me the next day.
Angela with Kim Kimble and the hairstylists of LA Hair
Me: Seems like everyone is getting sew-ins nowadays. In your opinion, what's the best kind of hair to use and why ?

Angela: Virgin hair is the best to use because its not processed which in turn will make the style last the longest and look the best. Also purchasing hair from a reputable company saves the client a lot of guess work. Hair that tangles, sheds, and breaks easily are clear indications of less than top quality Extensions. Texture is another important factor when purchasing hair. Try and find hair that resembles your natural texture as close as possible for the best blend.

Me: Do you specialize in one type of hair styling or do you do it all??  What are the top 3 tools you use in your kit?

Angela: I'd like to consider myself as a well rounded hairstylist. I specialize in extensions and haircuts but I do almost everything.  Short, long, natural hair, color, updos etc. My top three tools would have to be needle and thread, my flat iron, and Aveda Control Paste.

Angela hooking someone's hair up!
Me: In your opinion what are some of the biggest mistakes women make when it cones to taking care of their hair?

Angela: People make all kinds of mistakes and the main ones are overusing product, or neglecting to use any at all. Mixing lots of products is also a common no no. Lastly trying to hold on to length is a common mistake. Hair grows faster and longer when trims become a regular routine.

Me: I watched the show and almost every episode I said to myself, I want Angela's hair!!! Your hair is always gorgeous! Who does your hair? Since you're a celebrity hairstylist, are you very particular about how you want your hair done? How do you decide on your current hairstyle?

Angela: Thank you for the high compliments. I style my own hair normally as I did for the show. I'm a Virgo hairstylist which means Im very picky, like to be in control, and take matters into my own hands. There aren't too many people who I trust to style my hair and to be honest I actually enjoy doing it myself, weaves and all.

Me: Your skills as a hairstylist are flawless!  Do you have plans to open your own shop? If people want you to do their hair (like myself, lol)  how can they book you?

Angela: Currently I have a private suite in West Hollywood where I take most clients when I'm not on location. I would like to expand my business and open a salon on my hometown Chicago soon. Clients can book me through my agency just email me at for more information.

Me: Who was the first celebrity you worked with? Do you ever get nervous doing a celebrity's hair?

Angela: Tina Knowles was the first celebrity I styled. I just did a basic shampoo blow out and style on her. I've never really been nervous to work with anyone because at the end of the day, we are all people who want and need the same things.  I always look forward to meeting new people just to see their personality outside of the persona they may have.
Angela at a LA Hair Event in Chicago

Me: What's next for you as far as your career goes? Any events coming up? Are you doing hair for any special events?

Angela: I've been working a lot with two very talented new artists. Rita Ora and Melanie Amaro on their projects surrounding their upcoming albums.  I have my hands full with that as well as my other clients. I will begin doing educational videos and attending some of the larger trade shows in the upcoming year as well.
2011 X Factor Winner Melanie Amaro, Hair By Angela

Jay-Z's artist Rita Ora at the 2012 VMAs, Hair by Angela
Me: Any advice for aspiring hairstylist trying to make it in the industry?

Angela: Find a way to keep yourself motivated and set yourself apart. Make every style picture perfect and concentrate on perfecting one thing before expanding on new skills. Educate yourself as much as possible an keep your eye on trend in the fashion industry. Lastly, present yourself and talents in a way that looks sellable. Stay polished and represent what you do. Make a resume and bio for yourself that's put together in a well articulated and concise manner, keep professional photos of your work and work history throughout your career.

Please be sure to stay connected with Angela on her rise to the top:
Twitter: AngelaCStyles
Instagram: angelacstyles

Angela is such a sweet person! She really gave us some helpful information and insight to her career! I know she has a very promising career doing hair and she is just getting started! Sending many thanks and love to Celebrity Hairstylist Angela C Styles!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview with Celebrity Nail Artist Ajah of HerNailsRock!!

I love nails and nail art! And I had the pleasure to interview a Celebrity Nail Artist Ajahmure of HerNailsRock!  I first became hip to her on Instagram .  I kept seeing her nail designs and was immediately drawn to them, how pretty they were, the intricacy of the designs and the undeniable skill!  She is a natural talent.  She doesn't use any stencils, stamps, nothing.  She designs everything free hand so she is a true artist! Her designs are unique, super creative and unlike any other.  She is super nice and down to earth!!  Meet my girl Ahahmure!!
Ajahmure did the nails of Selita Ebanks at the 2012 BET Rip the Runway

Me: How long have you been doing nails?? Did you go to school for it? And when did you realize that nail art was your niche?

Ajahmure: I've been doing nails for about 10 years it was only for a hobby. But 3 years ago I went to school to get proper training and get my license.  Art is something that I've always done. I went to school for graphic design as well.
Nails done by Ajahm for Dawn Richard for PYNK Magazine 

Me: How do you come up with such beautiful and creative nail designs? What inspires you??

Ajah: Everything inspires me from a painting, fashion, nature, even the oil spills you see on the ground at the gas station! Lol! 

Nails by Ajahmure

Me: Do you usually practice a certain nail design or do you just create your masterpieces right on the spot?

Ajahmure: I practice my techniques everyday! Lines, circles, it all relates to how and what type of art I'm going to do. And there are so many polish techniques, something new everyday so I try to keep up with what's new and fresh.
Elle Varner with nails done by Ajahmure
Me: I know that you are a celeb nail artist. What celebs have you done nails for? How did you get that job working with those celebs?

Ajahmure:  I've done nails for Selita Ebanks, Dawn Richard formerly of Diddy Dirty Money, Rosci from 106, Pooch Hall, Tamar Braxton.....a lot.  Most of my celebrity clients I did on photo shoots and they liked my work so much that they hired me to do their nails personally.
Tamar Braxton with nails done by Ajahmure for PYNK Magazine
Me: Did you ever think that you would reach celebrity nail artist status by just doing nails? 

Ajahmure: I didn't go into doing nails with the intention of becoming a celebrity nail artist, I do nails because I truly love nail care. I love making my clients nails look great, and I love teaching my clients how to care for their nails. But being a celebrity nail artist is an added bonus!!

Necole Bitchie's Nails by Ajahmure
Me: When you are not doing nails, what do you do on your spare time?

Ajahmure: I'm thinking of new nail art! I'm always doing nails even in my spare time I'm doing nails. I have two girls and a little sister and they always want their nails Mom too! There is no break lol but I don't mind not having a break.

 Me: Do you have any special events coming up? Are you working on anything special, your own nailpolish line, hosting any nail events. Etc

Ajahmure: I'll be doing Pop-up shops this summer. I've been getting a lot of requests to come to different cities so I'm going to make that happen. Details on cities and dates will be on my website which will launch June 1st. And I have "Rock At Home Take Home Mani's" available. They're press on nails with my nail art. The kit comes with the nails, glue, orangewood stick and file. Those will be on the website as well but they're available now people can email me about purchasing kits.
Gold Leaf nails by Ajahmure for New York Fashion Week 2012

Me: What advice would you give to an aspiring nail artist?

Ajahmure: I would tell anyone that wants to be a nail artist to never stop studying. Work hard and keep learning and training. There are always new techniques and methods so stay in top of it.

Isn't she awesome!! This is only a little but of what she has done! I absolutely admire her dedication to her craft and her humility! I know she is on her way to the Celebrity Nail Stylist Elite! Please be sure to stay in touch and follow her as her career continues to blossom and flourish!! 

Instagram: hernailsrock
Facebook: HerNailsRock

If you want to book Ajah click here and also read some great reviews from her previous clients! 

I sincerely thank Ajah for this amazing interview with so much insight and advice! Her talent is so creative and flawless.  I know she is destined for great things. So be on the lookout for her because she is on her way to the top!! Sending so much love and thanks to my girl Ajah of HerNailsRock!!